Grow your business using Amazon Pay

Help grow your business through increased conversions and customer retention. Engage with Amazon customers across multiple devices.

Redefining the way
customers shop

Millions of Amazon customers can shop on your website with their stored Amazon account information. Amazon Pay helps you add new customers, increase sales, turn casual browsers into buyers and ensure timely delivery of your products across the country. It’s fast, easy and trusted — leverage the Amazon brand to grow your business.

Increased conversions

Customer clicks while checking out are minimal due to the stored payment details on their Amazon account.

Customer Acquisition

Make Amazon customers your customers, enhance the reach and scale of your business.

Fraud protection

Help reduce your costs and protect your business with Amazon’s proven fraud protection, at no additional cost to you.

Buyer confidence

Offer protection against defects, delays and customer support to buyers on your website through the 100% Buyer Protection Guarantee.