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Troubleshooting Failed Payments

To protect your security and privacy, your bank does not provide Amazon Pay with information about why your payment was declined. For this, you will need to contact your bank directly to solve your payment issues.

Amazon Pay Customer Service can help you verify that you entered your payment information correctly on your order.

  • Verify that you entered your payment information correctly on your order.
  • Change the payment method on an open order.

Contact your bank to resolve all other payment issues even if:

  • You have successfully used the payment method on a previous order.
  • Part of your order has already been charged and shipped successfully.
  • You have funds available in your bank account or on your credit card to cover the order cost.

Steps You Can Take to Resolve Payment Issues

  • Contact your bank about payment security policies. Your bank may flag any unexpected activity on your account. This includes first-time orders and high-value purchases, regardless of the amount of funds available or your credit limit. Your bank may require your verbal authorization to proceed with a transaction.
  • Contact your bank about daily withdrawal or purchase limits. Most banks have limits on how much money can be charged or accessed in a single day. If you exceed this daily amount, your bank may block your account from any further activity regardless of available funds in the account. Please check with your bank and request a higher purchase limit to complete the transaction.
  • Verify the payment information that is entered on your transaction. Make sure you have entered the correct CVV or 3D secure password while completing the payment.