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Amazon Pay Fees

Amazon charges a transaction fee which includes a service tax component from the merchants for Amazon Pay transactions. The transaction fee is composed of a processing fee of 1.95% plus applicable taxes, which is charged when the transaction is successfully processed.

For example, if a INR 100 transaction is made on your Site, your total Transaction Fee would be INR 2.30, according to our standard rates, as explained in the following table:

Transaction Amount Processing Fee: 1.95%* GST: 18% Total Transaction Fee
INR 100 INR 1.95 Rs 0.35 INR 2.30

*This is a promotional pricing valid till September 2017. Taxes will be imposed as applicable. Standard charges will be applicable post the promotion period.

These are standard charges which are applicable for all modes of payments, that is: Amazon Pay Balance, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, EMI and Net-banking.

Note: There are no other fees such as setup or maintenance fees.