Merchant Help > Creating and Managing an Amazon Pay Account

Using Seller Central

Seller Central is a portal with tools to help manage your account.

Note: If you have registered for other Amazon services such as Selling on Amazon or Fulfilment by Amazon, you might see content in addition to the Seller Central sections described below.

Here is a breakdown of the functions assigned to each section:

Section Features Use
Orders Manage Transactions View a list of all payments approved by buyers on your Site using Amazon Pay.
Integration Integration Central Includes links to resources that help you with your Amazon Pay integration, including links to SDKs and Integration Guides.
Reports Payments View payment details, including dates, disbursement amounts, commissions and fee breakdowns for your orders.
Settings Logout Click the Logout link to end your Seller Central session.
Account Info Enter your business information, such as your (or your business’) legal name, business addresses, date of establishment, phone number, e-mail address, copy of PAN card, VAT/Service Tax Registration details and bank account.
Notification Preferences Designate the e-mail addresses at which you want to receive notifications, including business, claims and technical notifications.
Login Settings Manage the e-mail address and password that you use to access your account and provide security questions to help you reset your password if you forget your login information.
User Permissions Configure the permissions of your current users and invite new users to access your account.